Art And Cultural Heritage Law

Avvocato Panella specializes in art and cultural heritage law and taxation. She contributes articles to newspapers, delivers university lectures, teaches in master's programs, and participates in conferences for professional associations. Avvocato Panella serves on the board of directors for the Miramare Museum, is the Co-President of the Italian Friends of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, co-edits the legal journal 'ÆS – Arts and Economics,' and coordinates the Art and Culture Table at Economists and Jurists Together. She also engages in charitable initiatives for the less fortunate.

Our firm provides legal representation for museums, art galleries, dealers, and collectors. Avvocato Panella is the ideal professional for legal consultancy services, including pre-litigation, contract negotiations, litigation, and arbitration proceedings.

Given the increasing interest, both public and private, in the cultural sector, there is a growing need for comprehensive legislation to address these matters adequately. In recent years, cultural preservation and sector development have garnered significant public attention, resulting in public funding allocations. Private sector involvement through funding and investment by individuals and companies has also become prevalent.

The cultural sector is often unexplored by legal professionals (considering that cultural or art law is not officially recognized as a distinct field). However, the daily challenges presented in the cultural and art sector require the expertise of legal professionals for resolution.