The History

The Panella Law firm was founded in 1997 by the lawyer Alessia Panella after having been a researcher in European Community Law at the University of Law of Ferrara. During this period she published, "Comments on the New Civil Laws" in the Community Law section of the Legal Journal and she deepened her knowledge of the English language at the University of Leeds (England).

Since the beginning she has dealt with contracts (both out of court and judicial), in particular public and private, national and international contracts, following leading companies in the sector  both in the management of daily legal affairs and in extraordinary operations.

As an expert in contracts, she has dealt with intellectual property, also with reference to trademarks and patents, assets management and generational transition, as well as separations and divorces.

Her interest in culture, art and cultural heritage has made her an expert in the sector in which she publishes articles in newspapers, gives university lectures and teaches master’s, as well as attending conferences at professional associations. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Miramare Museum, Co-President of the Italian Friends of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Co-Editor of the ÆS- Arts and Economics Legal Journal and Coordinator of the Art and Culture Table at Economists and Jurists Together. She participates in funding projects for less fortunate people.